JULY 10, 2018;


JUNE 25, 2018;

Today marks a point in time where I am joining all my creative devours into a functioning entity and am so close to bringing the Rock music video "Darkness City" out to town. This will be Farrah Fires 1st official video that I will be putting up on the Farrah Fire YouTube channel any day now! I chose certain paintings dating back about the time the song was written and recorded as visuals in this video as truthful reminders of passion along my way to here and now. I also added in current art works because the story would not be complete without the here and now because my slant on reality has evolved becoming more mortality based which makes this video possible. Doing this video and acting in it this last year made sense because “Darkness City” is a long story for me and I still am enjoying this "Darkness City" as I still ride from Brooklyn to the East Side NYC and around this same town. 

The pieces of Art I have used ilove the video “Darkness City” are listed below:

  1. Peace Head  
  2. Fifth Dimension Second
  3. Friends of A Different Dimension
  4. Tompkins Square Park
  5. Immortal soul
  6. Paradise in a Bag
  7. Passionate Night