MARCH 22,2018;

Hello and happy first and second day of spring in this 2018 snowstorm happening here in NYC!

I have progressed on that painting series I was writing about in January and the meaning of the works started to evolve unexpectedly (Almost there!!!) Also I have been finishing a video for Farrah Fire that I started prior. Becoming a piece of art myself (the "Peace Head") bringing life to a sculpture I made in the 1980s in some footage shot in 2017.  This piece of Art I became on film has had destructive interferences caused by a crashed computer but that delay and malfunction ultimately led my creative side to create even more what I wanted. I am pleased with the outcome which is still cooking although I am annoyed to be rather behind my declared schedule, but one cannot rush a creative unfolding... Below is the painted "Peace Head" sculpture that inspired the Peace Head Character in the video clip and a collage that began this "Peace Heads" journey in life form. 


JANUARY 23,2018;

Happy New Year! So far so good although a bit exhausting but screw that sleep is for the dead and I am alive and well. The energy of this year has changed for my art career and after many years of painting finally I have found a way to present my work to the public without selling off my hubcaps and other paintings as of now.

My new series consists of 8 peices combining 3 techniques airbrush, silkscreen and hand painting. The series took longer than I expected because I became carried away in the process finding deep meaning in the work I needed to convey. Also, there is a small selection of prints all different and numbered on various paper that is part of this series.

The 8 painting works consist of;

2 paintings on lightweight wood canvases 2ft by 1½ ft

2 paintings on canvas size 2ft by 2ft  

4 smaller paintings on canvas size 11inches by 1ft 2inches

These 8 works are very close to being completed even though I got more involved with the hand painted aspect at the end of the process as the whole idea really came together beyond my expectations. Once done I will take some photos and speak with the galleries about both the prints and the paintings in this series which people in the Art business are taking areal interest in. Time will tell, the vibe is positive, I’m feeling the outcome is great! In about 24 hours I am heading to Vegas for a very short visit not exactly Art related but none the less I will be sure to visit at least one Gallery while there possibly two.


NOVEMBER 13,2017;

Art has a way of finding ways to exist in every aspect of my life tuning me into telepathic energy from the other side in the older buildings of NYC at the crossroads of the world Time Square in particular for now. I am posting these three paintings because my Time Square spot used to be a famous jazz club called the Metropole. Although in 1968 the Metropole turned from jazz to Rock and was home to a variety of Rock bands for a few years. Featured would be two bands per period, a two-week stint in most cases. The bands alternated sets each on stage for an hour, over a 12-hour stretch from 4 pm to 4 am. During their individual sets, go-go dancers would be stationed across the runway stage behind the bar. A very old cabby told me after a shift in 2009 out of the blue knowing not a thing about me or my weird telepathic experiences that I was having at that time that it was a copping spot and then he proceeded to name the subjects of my 3 Hubcap Rockstar portraits I have featured here got stuff there back in the day stopping by after playing the Garden. Well, that explained a thing or two about the energetic morphing dead hippie vibe in the whole area in general, Radio City included but that's another story,

"Rockstar Portraits on Hubcaps Series "

AUGUST 2,2017

I am also always creating new work which I am updating the website with. The goal of this website is to get the work shown properly in the appropriate Galleries and Museums so the public can enjoy the Art in person. Certain pieces I have chosen to make available in very limited silkscreen editions each different in variation from the original painting for purchase. These pieces will be displayed soon.  

JUNE 7, 2017

Good News Suprise Suprise! Yes, finally I photographed and put up for public view my 1st three paintings to kick off my "Rock Star Portrait Hubcap Series". The way I painted these images to ensure they were original was by doing my fair share of research. From viewing live concert footage and TV interviews I came up with enough images of these three Rockstar’s to create 3 original portraits painted on Hubcaps. I did this by combining the various images I chose to concentrate on from live concert footage and interviews staying away from the most iconic images blending different poses together in each portrait and face as I saw in my mind’s eye. I had an unusual dream way before I did these portraits where I saw these three Rockstar’s in a real vision and heard their voices too on the 27th plain of the dead. The different poses I choose had not been photographed exactly as I painted them and it was satisfying and worth the trouble and challenge to create new work that shows respect to the photography copywrites by not stepping on them. I put their names in the order as I saw them in my dream: Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison.  I have written a short story about this dream which was the predecessor for my motivation to do a full series of Rockstar portraits on hubcaps. I will publish this short story at some point in the future. Here is the link to the first 3 paintings of my Rockstar Hubcap series kicking it off with the 27 club …

Link    "Rockstar Portraits on Hubcaps Series " 

FEBRUARY 19,2017:

Art Update! My studio arrangement is evolving. The necessary space to move ahead with my art production is currently being created and a few months from now I will be able to simultaneously work on several paintings of various size from different series and begin on my silk screen airbrush chronology. This helps me tremendously to see my works in progress together and most certainly makes it more fun. Because of this new set-up, I will be able to accommodate visits from Art Galleries, Art Directors and Curators to view my work in person later in this year.

Why I am hanging on tight to my Master Paintings and not selling when I get offers regularly? Because the time is not ripe yet although getting closer. Experience taught me having sold my art often when I was quite young and dealing with feeling ripped off selling my Art short is not an option anymore. The true value of my Artwork and the time I sacrificed to create my paintings within my life is rising. Art is social security and stock, ascending over time as thousands upon thousands more likely in the millions by now of people visit my Art Website which owns the consistency of 29,000 visits a month and furthermore has been open to the public for several years up to present. I have no doubt I’ve influenced a few with my life work from website views and for sure before I had a website I know for a fact I have influenced others from privet viewings of my art at home and in early art shows. Laying low for many years I simply focused on the joy of creating and building and adding to my large body of Masterworks before I felt comfortable enough with the task of going public. Now I am public and I love it. Sticking to my guns is very important to me because those who do invest in my artwork are receiving not only quality work but value.

About the upcoming airbrush canvas work with silk screen: Each Masterpiece of fine art is of the highest merit untouched, a one of a kind original. Even my stencils silk-screened on top of each unique airbrushed canvas will be done differently to preserve the worth of each numbered piece which is an individual within an edition. Although the current images silk screened within airbrush are based on my original hand painted hubcap art they are quite different in nature from the paintings and I assure you that I will not be able to finish one piece without adding a genuine paintbrush stroke here or there in each prototype. The chosen Master paintings for this series are painstakingly evolved from 3-dimensional paintings on the ridges of a hubcap into a one line drawing to be hand silk screened. From pen to paper, a labor of love and although the drawing may look like the primary painting it is quite different in nature as I have taken liberties only the originator of the Art can when turning something from 3-dimensional into a 2-dimensional unique composition. These canvases will be on the market in 2018 or maybe prior.

Tee Shirts: As for the tee shirts, they are from an entirely different silk screen stencil with a logo, thus keeping the commercial Art separate from the fine art. Tee-shirts will be available once done thru this website.


Update on this post below on December 1, 2016, on February 19, 2017:

The post below I left up because the designs are still there at that link and quite attractive at that but since the photo of the painting was not high resolution enough to be printed on materials such as silk and cashmere properly these designs cannot be created unless I get another camera and take the time to re-do the piece hand drawing it in a much higher resolution. At this point, I must focus on many other things. Down the line when I purchase another camera I may redo these designs but have done the drawing once the idea of doing it again is not appealing so I just leave it there to be viewed as is… no predictions.

DECEMBER 1st 2016,

What's my latest news? Well just in time for the Holidays I have taken one of my favorite paintings "Mystery in the Rose Garden" I painted in the mid-80's. I then took the necessary time and effort and turned it into a more graphic design that I had some fun playing with designing several high-end fashion pieces that can be viewed and purchased at the link below. Once you follow the link just do a quick search on the Vida website for elinhunter1 scroll down and you will be right there where my Fashion designs are displayed and you can get a real close look. Although most of the designs are for ladies I did include a fancy silk pocket scarf for men too called "Film Star" ... I am super excited how these designs came out!; 


AUGUST 18,2016;

Wonder why I updated my Bio today? Because you guys are actually reading it and I really wanted to get my lifelong Art Journey clear for you in just a few short paragraphs. I also put convenient links all over it. Here is a link to it; Artist Biography :) 

JULY 19,2016;

Well, it's Art update time to let you know where the Art is at. Finally, I purchased an airbrush something I have been wanting to get my hands on for decades. I have basically been putting together my supplies for my airbrush silk screen project which will be including canvases and tee shirts using images from my original "Spiritual Hubcap Series" and some Farrah Fire "Rock n Roll Hubcap" Art. Speaking of Rock n Roll a song I wrote and recorded called "Darkness City" is now getting some airplay you can request it on the news page of my Farrah Fire website here's a link  www.farrahfire.com once you're at the website just click onto the News page and you will see a list of radio stations. Until the next update please have great day everyday :)


APRIL 18,2016; 

What a beautiful day I saw out my window I will enjoy a nice walk in the night later under the moon and stars this evening. What's up is I have added 2 subpages 'Elin Hunter Logo Art' under my "Post-Psychedelic Surrealism Paintings" page and 'Farrah Fire Logo Art' under my "Farrah Fire Art Show" page. Both Elin Hunter and  Fire Logo art pages contain images I will create the product with and have for sale this is just a little peek for you of things to come. I plan to hand print the editions here in my studio. Please go to the "Rock n Roll Art Propaganda" page I added a bunch more pieces that really add to the cohesiveness of the story of the logo art from my previous bands and how it evolved and clearly led to Farrah Fire. Also if you click on it and you will see a new subpage under my "Rock n Roll Art Propaganda" page  called 'Rock Star Portraits'  where I put up 2 paintings of famous rock stars I did in the 1980's which are the predecessors for the "Rock Star Hubcap series" which I have already started w 3 very famous Dead Rockstars and a short true story I cannot release yet about my interaction with them in a dream and awake state. 

MARCH 5,2016;

What is going on with the Art right now is quite major for me and a lot of focus is required. The current part of my Art endeavor I am attacking full force is the more slick side of my style, it is the part where the individual with less to spend gets to walk away with something really cool. I, of course, am hanging on to my paintings tight, not willing to sell for less than what price I decide is appropriate for my beloved sacrifice I have made in my life personally to create this Art. To be accessible through to all I am now in the process of taking certain pieces of Art and re-creating them into a more graphic style to make editions of them in different forms. Starting off with the silkscreen shirt limited to 3 colors maximum maybe even less if possible. A lot of my effort has recently gone into the Art for Farrah Fire creating paraphernalia for my Rock act and finally, I feel I have come up with something I am pleased with and will reveal it soon... In this process, I discovered a way to create my Elin Hunter series of items also. Art products for the sake of promoting Art looking as cool as Rock n Roll. I have been extremely inspired lately to get a move on this and will have to figure out how to finance it later once the first 2 shirts are ready to print with some other items too for farrahfire.com and for elinhunter.com. I am super excited about how this stuff is coming out and can't wait to show you !!! Thank you for reading this and visiting my website XO :) 

JANUARY 4,2016;

Well, I decided to take a couple of paintings with me to the 'Rew and Who Show' since I was invited to be the Who (Co-Host). I went as Farrah Fire, my Band, and Entertainer name, and since they asked I brought along with me 2 of my Elin Hunter paintings. Because I was in Farrah Fire mode I only showed them off for seconds as you can see in the comic video below that I linked from my Farrah Fire YouTube Channel. Brief though as it may have been on that December 23rd Show I did show the paintings off and it was fun. I can't wait to take them and other works out to town again!

DECEMBER 3,2015;

Current update...

If you want to keep up with my happenings on a weekly basis and you're a member of social media you can find me under Elin Hunter on both Facebook and Instagram. As of the last month or so I have been working on mainly "Farrah Fire" band propaganda as I get ready to get loud and approach the Art scene from the Rock n Roll back door. As soon as I can I will add some of my latest pieces to the Rock art show. Of course I had to hit up an old painting from the 1986 and totally rework it because it was the perfect setup for a Farrah Fire story painting...and well, of course, I overdid it and now it's driving me crazy because of the extra detail I put into it, but I sense in the end this "Screaming Volcano" painting well be worth the trouble.., also I have been constructing some things for the "Farrah Fire" van. I plan to start back up on the Elin Huter Art for Art's sake shortly thereafter re-entering the hubcap world and some new surreal stuff. Hope the upcoming Holidays are going to bring you lots of joy and by all mains please enjoy this website with all its pages :).

SEPTEMBER 30,2015;

Current update...
Wondering why I posted my YouTube reel on my Art website? I say why not...there is a ton of things I need to do with my Art and one of them is YouTube. Although this video has nothing to do with my paintings I am going there with myself and eventually the Art will follow. It's a process to tie everything together into one, putting this video on my Art website is another step in this direction. 
On the menu of this website below the Rock n Roll Art Propaganda Show, there's a Farrah Fire Band Logos Show. Some of these Logos are real rough but cool in their own way others are almost complete. I put the Farrah Fire logos show up to show some of the processes I go thru when creating a logo. A lot of Art gets made along the way to every final product... 
Then below that show on the menu is the Farrah Fire YouTube video. Check it out :)!

JULY 28, 2015;

I have been spending a lot of time working and dealing with the mundane details of all my projects both Art and Music. I don't want to write about anything unless it's going to happen right at that moment so I must keep quiet for now with my focus on getting stuff done.


What have I been working on the last few weeks? An unfinished painting I've been bothered by since 1992. I posted a black and white photo of it on Instagram it's the one with burning buildings and airplanes. Please follow me on Instagram under Elin Hunter and you will inspire me to post more! There also is a picture of that same painting with less detail in color with a coat I painted that matches it hanging in front of it in  "The Post-Psychedelic Surrealism" Show page of this website. Although I thought I was storing it as a finished painting in 1992 it still calls me now. I decided to put back it in storage after adding more detail to it. When I have an attachment for my vehicle to cart big pieces like that around more easily I plan to get back to this painting and a few others I discovered unfinished from that time period. Right now I have other art I must tend to.

Current Painting Sidetrack Madness;


Why do I ask myself why...did I ever bring this painting home from the storage space? I was sure I finished it in 1990. Why ever did I start painting into it again? This painting of the burning city was one of those weird premonition paintings that recently I became obsessed about again, thinking I must get this painting done right. Well, l fell back into this painting the totally bottomless pit that it is. The fact is in 1992 I stored this as a finished painting and when I brought it back to NY a few years ago I was blown away by the need to fix it.

Rock Star* *Portraits painted on hubcaps, a new series of paintings by Elin-hunter

The 'Rock Star Hubcaps' logically follow my 'Spiritual Hubcaps' series, (spiritual paintings on hubcaps). The Rock Star Hubcap series I am kicking off with three portraits...Jimi Hendrix RIP 1970, Janis Joplin RIP 1970 & Jim Morrison RIP 1971 each died at age 27 within a year of each other. The images of these dead Rock Stars I created using old videos and painted in a freestyle to create a unique image of these Rock Stars that has not been seen yet seems familiar. I also will publish a short true story on my Farrah Fire website (linked to this website) which explains why I choose to do portraits of these particular Rock Stars first and how I had contact with them when I was in my phase of speaking with the dead.