On this website, I am displaying several series of paintings that have not been publicly seen dating back to the 1980's going forward. To learn more about this artwork I created browse the different shows and check back ever so often as more work is added. Currently, I am photographing and categorizing my entire original collection, many works are not on display but will gradually be displayed as the shows evolve and rotate. I am also always creating new work which I am updating the website with. The goal of this website is to get the work shown properly in the appropriate Galleries and Museums so the public can enjoy the Art in person. Certain pieces I have chosen to make available in very limited silk screen editions each different in variation from the original painting for purchase.  


I have sold paintings to various art collectors privately in the past and currently have no idea of the whereabouts of sold work. Some of these sold pieces are displayed in the current shows from old photos and will be labled in the future.





My schedule of upcoming exhibitions will be posted here,



Photo Gallery: Services

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