My art is a combination of painting on canvas, wood & on found objects recycled, ‘Green Art’. Mainly I paint in Acrylic or Oil. Early on my paintings moved in and out of the standard rectangular and square shaped paintings, finding myself also drawn to circular canvases, round stones & creating 3-dimension relief paintings with attached original sculpture. The earlier work I created foreshadows my continuing series of hubcaps. This ongoing series keeps feeding my creative hunger as my journey continues on into newer work evolving in meaning and medium. The very first hubcap I painted was on a Ford automobile hubcap I found on the side of the road, inspired I made a stage prop for my Rock band in the 1990 ‘BettyFord’. This hubcap painting led to several more hubcap paintings all focused around the stage show. Painting Buddha on the hubcap came a decade later in 2001 and was unrelated to music, simply art for art’s sake. Using a darker color palette on the 1st painting I did of Buddha on a hubcap led me into a whole series of hubcaps with a spiritual theme & a darker palette. This group of paintings I call my "Spiritual Hubcap Series". Although the hubcap was made as a spinning wheel decoration and protection I see it as a mandala representing the wheel of life. I work to bring the deep power of the wheel of life mandala theme into the energy underlying these paintings. My new hubcap series returns to its origin of that familiar rock n roll theme I began with where I paint portraits of rock stars on hubcaps. The round shape of the hubcap made to spin also reminds me of vinyl records thus the "Rock Star Hubcaps" goes perfectly. Details of this series will be posted on the Rock Star Portraits page...


           I was born in san Francisco California & grew up in a traveling family that relocated every few years (Asia, South America, Central America, USA and Africa) I was fortunate to get exposed to art all over the world due to my parent's love of art history. My parents encouraged me as a child to draw seeing that I inherited my mother’s drawing skills, my mother was a street portrait artist in her 20's and still enjoys doing realistic paintings when she feels it. As a result of my upbringing, I spent a lot of time appreciating great art throughout the centuries in many museums. I seek beauty, light, shadow, movement of air, imagination combined with the truth of people, places, and events. Art has the power to show people now and in the future the unseen energies straight from the Artists eyes, soul and time period. Behind a facade of everyday normality lies an invisible layer of truth, I work to capture that with painting and also in my drawings here's my past Sketchpad Drawings page. My previous experience with portraits includes a first serious commission with the Hells Angels at age 19 then many other interesting characters I have known painted & drawn along the way. At age 17 I moved to NYC to study art studying at the Parsons School of Design in NYC and Pratt Institute in Brooklyn where I still live.

           After finishing 2 years of art school I dropped out deciding to dedicate my life full time to painting realizing that nobody could really tell me how to paint. Art was necessary for the original bands I sang in for 16 years & being that I was the founder, creator & singer in several underground bands performing regularly in NYC it made sense I was the one who made the posters, flyers, tea shirts, record, & CD covers. In 2002 I chose to stop doing bands and focus strictly on Art. Recently though Rock n Roll has crept back into my paintings with my new series the "Rock Star Hubcaps". Now in 2016 I officially have a band again called “Farrah Fire”. Here is the art show about  Farrah Fire  my alias I used since 2013 for various entertainment work. As a result of returning to music, my art has taken a slight commercial turn in direction for certain projects. As a result of this I have found a new way to remain true to the whimsical toil of my fine art paintings keeping them in a separate timeless category yet still having beautiful art accessible to sell to the public for a more reasonable price. To do this I have added few new tools to my toolboxes such as silkscreen and airbrush. I simply can't wait to reveal this new work when it’s done details will be on the Elin Hunter Art News page.