My art is a combination of painting on canvas and wood. I also paint on found objects that I recycled by creating fine art on them (Green Art), mainly I paint in Acrylic. Early on the canvas’s I chose to paint on were the standard rectangular or square shapes. Circular canvas’s and creating 3-dimension relief sculpture integrated into paintings happened more often as I evolved foreshadowing my continuing series of 3-dimensional paintings on hubcaps. My evolving hubcap series keeps morphing into different mediums as my journey continues into new works. New work includes hand printed silkscreen editions from variations I created from my original hubcap paintings by rendering them into flat surface drawings. The very first hubcap I painted was from on a Ford automobile hubcap I found on the side of the road in 1990 which led to several more hubcap paintings all focused around my then band called “Bettyford”, these early hubcap paintings were displayed on stage during my live shows. It was the name of the band and the “Ford Automobile” brand of the hubcap that began this wonderful journey which igniting a relationship between the hubcap and my art. Painting Buddha on the hubcap came a decade later in 2001. I used a darker color palette on the 1st hubcap painting I did of Buddha which led into a whole series of hubcaps with a darker palette and a spiritual theme, my "Spiritual Hubcap Series". I see the hubcap canvas as a mandala design underlying each painting subtly inferring a continuous spinning wheel representing the cycle of life. More recent on hubcap canvas’s I’ve begun some portraits of "Rockstars” a very American creation combined with the Automobile representing freedom as Rock n Roll spins within vinyl records bringing even more synchronicity to my art.
          I was born in san Francisco California & grew up in family that relocated in America and abroad (Washington DC, la Paz Bolivia, Kathmandu Nepal, Dacca Bangladesh, Guatemala City in Guatemala and Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso) I also have moved to various locations in America as an Adult but mainly reside in NYC. Art has the power to show people unseen energies from the Artists eye and soul breaking the facade of everyday normality making the hidden truth visible. Between my sophomore and senior year, I attended a commercial art program at RIZDY (Rhode Island School of Design) in my senior year at High School I was the one artist chosen to attend a vigorous half day art program with a very small group of students who had artistic ability each one chosen from a high school in the Washington DC Maryland area. Then at age seventeen I moved to NYC to study art at Parsons School of Design, after attending one semester there I switched to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn where I still live. I completed  2 years of art collage and then chose to commit my life full time to painting and being an Artist realizing that nobody could really tell me how to do my Art.