Art has always been a big part of my life and it is the way I tap into my subconscious visions and pull answers from my mind's eye; late-afternoon If I have not purchased a canvas and stretchers but instead stumble upon an object of intrigue or a pile of perfectly decent sliced wood thrown out, I tend to recycle creating “Green Art” transforming (trash) into canvas to make something beautiful. Surrealistic, representational and post psychedelic are my styles mashed together in two-dimensional paintings and drawings; elinhunter.com/original-drawings-/photogallerycbm_995464/6/#0074-jpg An evolving hubcap series I began in 1990 keeps returning and morphing as my subject matter and technique evolve and so I continue on seeing where it may go. My first official hubcap painting is here; elin-hunter.cms.webnode.com/rock-propaganda-masters/#img313m-jpg 

and came thru the inspiration of my early band performance days; https://farrahfire.com/ when Day-Glo paint and lights were added as ambiance for live shows.  

Painting Buddha; elinhunter.com/#he-who-knows-all-jpg on the hubcap came later in 2001 when I returned to my Art for simply Arts sake separating it from my performance and that was when I painted the 1st spiritual hubcap painting which led into a Spiritual Hubcap Serieselinhunter.com/ . My new work includes hand printed silkscreen editions from variations I created from my original hubcap paintings by hand rendering my 3-dimensional work into a different take to create 2 dimensional pieces of meticulous art work that I then have hand printed on various surfaces. I also have created art once again around performance to represent Farrah Fire my rock n roll performer side since doing art is always par de course with my doing music which includes hand printed tea shirts and they will also be displayed here and linked to my amazon handmade store which is still underway;     


Life history; I was born in san Francisco California and spent my 1st year of life there, it was a home base because as I was growing up my family continuesly relocated; from Washington DC to la Paz Bolivia in South America, Kathmandu Nepal and then Dacca Bangladesh in Asia, Guatemala City, Guatemala in Central America and then Ouagadougou the capital of Burkina Faso in West Africa. I also have moved to various locations in America as an Adult but mainly reside in NYC. Art reveals unseen energies from the Artists eye and soul making hidden truth visible without language. Between my sophomore and senior year, I attended a commercial art program at RIZDY (Rhode Island School of Design) in my senior year at High School I was the one artist chosen to attend a vigorous half day art program with a very small group of students who had artistic ability each one chosen from a different high school in the Washington DC Maryland area. Then at age seventeen I moved to NYC to study art at Parsons School of Design, after attending one semester there I switched to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and became a fine art major. I completed 2 years of art collage and then dedicated my life full time to my Art and my life as an all-around Artist and although I have had my ups and downs, I am very satisfied to have made that choice and still live in NYC.