Farrah Fire Channel

DOLL OUTSIDE 4th of July Farrah Fire Music Video

07/05/2024 23:53
A 4th of July 2024 release. DOLL OUTSIDE celebrating life, nature and the souls of the past who sacrificed for America in so many ways. The sex drugs and rock n roll nation knows FREEDOM comes with a high price for now it is the individual who is responsible for their own choices, as people have a...

3 New Farrah Fire Videos

06/25/2024 21:37
New Farrah Fire videos, a band Download from the eithers. Although there is not as much art in these 3 videos as the prior videos due to the format of a live band filmed with a cellphone into mirror, they still do contain visual art and original footage I shot separately prior. These videos are...

ELIN HUNTER aka FARRAH FIRE Channel 1st 5 Music Videos

06/25/2023 22:10
I welcome you to my Farrah Fire YouTube Channel as Elin Hunter Art. My Rock Music Videos on the Farrah Fire Channel feature pieces of my original art within the story lines of music videos, sometimes it is quite obvious other times it is subtle, but my art is always there alongside the music adding...