Elin Hunter aka Farrah Fire 

I welcome you to my Farrah Fire YouTube Channel as Elin Hunter Art. My Rock Music Videos always feature pieces of my original art within the story lines, sometimes it is quite obvious other times it is subtle, but my art is always there alongside the music adding a energetic dimension. Many times, when I write songs, poetry or a stream of consciousness the art I create along with anything else I may be making parallels the theme of expression just in a different media. Looking back, this brings logic to it all. My goal in Art Blogs or Instagram or wherever I may post about my artwork is to identify each original artwork, its transformation within videos and the evolution of the artwork from the video creating alternate formations and presentations back to the original wall works. At times I have felt drawn to take certain original pieces of Art that I created in a different time of my life farther by going back into the original piece and changing it. Generally, I decide against messing with earlier works that were already decided as finished by myself in the past because it would disrupt the original energy and flow of the first canvas which cannot be recaptured once gone as certain emotions are emotions of yesterday that are gems of different eras gone by. So, to satisfy this urge I have to "correct, improve and upgrade" I just paint the new take on a different canvas as many subject matters run as themes throughout my work and seem to mature in most cases. Below are the current videos on my Farrah Fire channel from last to most recent; The 1st official Rock Video, "Darkness City" 2018 is where I began to play with the idea of mixing my fine art collection with my rock vault of music in video format. The "Darkness City" music video released in 2018 features several pieces of altered art for the video and unaltered original paintings. The 2nd Video "Little Dolls of Fire" Part 1 a Halloween 2021 release has an abundance of Art and an added extension to the beginning and end of the song foreshadowing the 3rd Video Little Dolls of Fire Part 2 features more paintings and variations of. Also, Dolls Part 2 is an Avant-Garde take on Dolls 1 the Halloween version with added new Instrumentals Vocals, Lyrics within a longer arrangement. In Dolls Part 2 I was feeling quite experimental staying away from the 3-minute song almost getting trancelike. The 4th Video Is Little Dolls of Fire 1 OFFICIAL the no frills single loaded with Art a harder rock remix and the transformative where my visual editing got subtly more flued as my understanding about film making as an Art evolved as a self-taught. Also, I added to the Official Dolls 1 video a very pivotal piece of Art of the Transgender Goddess Kali otherwise known as in my lingo the Goddess of Kick Ass elin-hunter.cms.webnode.page/#warrior-goddess-jpg from my spiritual hubcap series. My 5th video “Actor in the Theater of Love” focuses mainly on the energy of one painting of the Road to Los Angeles 1989 and a pair of red shoes repeatedly re-drawn and my home made Gold dress inspired by my dancer wardrobe arsenal but specially made for this video alone. A 6th Video Little Dolls Part 3 is currently in the making and will feature more Art and spiritual downloads from the ethers.


Actor in the Theater of love music video 2023


Little Dolls of Fire 1 Official the single a 2022 remix 


 Little Dolls of Fire Part 2  



  Little Dolls of Fire Part 1 A Halloween 2021 Release  



The first official Art Rock Video,  

"Darkness City" released July 2018