3 New Farrah Fire Videos

06/25/2024 21:37

New Farrah Fire videos, a band Download from the eithers. Although there is not as much art in these 3 videos as the prior videos due to the format of a live band filmed with a cellphone into mirror, they still do contain visual art and original footage I shot separately prior. These videos are predecessors to more art and video photography to come as the kinks of a live new band are ironed out. Although nobody in the session is a rookie this collaborative group is still in a early stage on this Jam on 12/16/2023. I am so enthused to share it because a good jam sessions is where magic is created. Each musician on the download is seasoned in the kraft of making music and has spent decades working on their kraft with an instrument of choice. This is version number 1 and has already been narrowed down to these 3pieces but still the songs will alter and evolve in a set going live in a venue, and in studio recordings of the future so preserving this particular jam is important. This original set of 3 songs in video format is based on a very casual get together, but the core is truly there right now from that 1st session, Ifwe had known this was going to be used as a basis for 3 music videos to go with 3 songs being released as MP3s on an EP everyone would have dressed differently. The players on this recording are Cliff St. Croix Guitar, Steven S. Zavack Bass, Mark Zebra Warshow Drums, and me Farrah Fire Vocals. The songs I arranged and produced under my birth name Elin Hunter. The songs I produced from this Live Band Download from the Eithers Version 1 are as follows; Song (1) SACRED DANCE Song (2)DEATH AWAITS Song (3) EW LA LA.