The Art Business is it Worth it?

11/05/2018 23:46

For a while I have been working on a plan to sell my art where I don’t hurt myself as an artist and I am fair to the person who is buying the art and if there is a gallery involved, they get paid too. I have been seeking a win/win/win situation for all involved because being an artist and creating the time to make the art has taken me a life time of time investment and personal sacrifice and I understand that everyone pays their own dues. Many a person has judged me harshly for the life I lead as a dancer and the raw ness of the Rock music I have done when I should in their eyes be spending all my spare time sitting at home quietly painting because I am so good at it. People who have laid this trip on my head (or anyone’s for that matter) do not get the way inspiration flows and the form it takes is each artist personal story, and since when did talent and artistic ability have much to do with getting in an art gallery anyway? It’s all very fickle and the judgement of the art is in the beholders eye. Some well-respected Galleries have a special talent for presenting what might just be a pile of dog crap as genius and if some swanky gallery says it is then so be it. Or for that matter if hole in the wall type of gallery wants to show there lovers only then they can, it’s an artistic venue either you’re their “it” of not and it certainly helps to cultivate relationships and status to make it worth their while. The question is it worth your while if you are the artist they choose? How many times have many snide art gallery workers enjoyed telling painters throughout the history of art we only show dead artists here… at least with dancing you get some money right away to eat and if you want to make art that money will provide canvas paint and time to create art, and when you’re in a band playing live you get to be alive and there is an immediate response to your show that you can craft as you go along. Maybe death is the best part of the Art business, just lurk around till the Artist dies and then cash out. Well the money those dead artists are making is really doing them a whole lotta of good now that they’re dead isn’t it? That money they could have kept themselves alive with health insurance, and what about that last grand series of masterpieces that everybody could have cashed in on big time if only the artist could have lived a little longer and had a proper studio with a network of support !??? Of course on the flipside of this horrible scenario I do understand that the art business is just that a business and galleries WANT to get paid and if some starving unknown artist has not figured out how to pull that off for them well screw them they can die and maybe there art will be worth nothing when they are dead and will ends up in places like the garbage or some relatives home where it may or may not be enjoyed but at the very least hopefully the artist got a true benefit from the sheer joy of creating their art which is after all the real reason why people create art. These paintings here are my latest series. Each painting below is based on a hubcap painting from my Post Psychedelic Surrealistic Spiritual Hubcap series of painted hubcaps. They will be for sale once I make my way to a few galleries and discuss a price range with associations. Then I will varnish them signed, in the meantime they are on my walls and I am enjoying them myself everyday.