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CanvasRebel Interview w Elin Hunter September 7, 2023

09/08/2023 15:43

What is the story behind Art in the "Little Dolls" hard rock video?

04/24/2020 08:23
To whom ever may be reading this I am hope all is well with you in these strange and stressful times of the Covid19 era in NYC and around the World. This painting’s titled "Baby Spirit"  is 24in by 19in tempera on canvas I painted in the 1990s I am posting this painting and two others that are...

The Art Business is it Worth it?

11/05/2018 23:46
For a while I have been working on a plan to sell my art where I don’t hurt myself as an artist and I am fair to the person who is buying the art and if there is a gallery involved, they get paid too. I have been seeking a win/win/win situation for all involved because being an artist and creating...

Darkness City Farrah Fires 1st official Rock n Roll Art Video

07/10/2018 00:00
JULY 10, 2018; Video link; Today marks a point in time where I joined my creative devours, the fine art, the songwriting, the singing, performance and video creation and published them together in the Rock music video "Darkness City". This is Farrah Fire the performer and bands 1st official video...